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Tired of trimming those tedious feline toenails?
Try Soft Paws!

We all know your fantastic feline friend has no intention on scratching
you, your carpet or your furniture, and sometimes their nails are still a bit
sharp even after trimming them.

We offer Soft Paws! Soft Paws are a great alternative to having your cat
de-clawed, and a great way to keep your carpet and furniture safe from
sharp nails.

Applying soft paws is a very safe, and painless procedure that can be
done while you wait. It's as simple as getting a manicure! Your cat will
also think they are very stylish too! Also, you can watch us, and learn to
apply them at home, too!
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We care for your pets as if they were our own.
Soft Paws - 1 set with application and nail trim - $55.50
If your cat gets their Soft Paws off, we also reapply them for you!

Re-application for 2 paws - $10.00
*If your cat needs it's nails re-trimmed, there will be a fee of $7.25 to re-trim their nails
for two paws.

Re-application for all 4 paws - $20.00
*If your cat needs their nails re-trimmed, there will be a fee of $15.50 to re-trim their
nails for four paws.
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Soft Paws

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