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Trouble saving money for your pets yearly preventative care?
Fair Oaks is here to assist you!

Putting aside money for your pets yearly physical, vaccines or dental cleaning is not
always easy. Our
Just In Case Plan is designed to help you pay for your pets
yearly preventative care
before they come in for their appointment.

To assist you in giving your pet the best possible care, we have plans for
preventative treatments such as a dental cleaning or a physical exam with yearly
vaccinations. Each plan shows the deposit that can be put in your account on a
monthly basis to pay for your pets procedures in advance. Our plans are based on
the type of pet you own and your pet's weight. Contact a member of our
knowledgeable staff today to learn more!

Please remember, deposited funds can be used for pet care only!
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We care for your pets as if they were our own.
Just In Case

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Canine and
Feline Dental
Canine Physical
and Vaccine
Plans (with
Canine Physical
and Vaccine Plans
(with Activyl)
Feline Physical
and Vaccine Plans
(Indoor and
Outdoor Cats)
Feline - All Sizes
Canine - 0-22lbs
Canine - 0-22lbs
Indoor w/ Activyl
Canine - 0-20lbs
Canine - 23-44lbs
Canine - 23 - 44lbs
Indoor w/ Frontline
Canine - 21-40lbs
Canine - 45-88lbs
Canine - 45-88lbs
Indoor w/ Revolution
Canine - 41 - 60lbs
Canine - 89-132#
Canine - 89-132#
Outdoor w/ Activyl
Canine - 61lbs+
    Outdoor w/ Frontline
      Outdoor w/