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A notice from the AVMA (American
Veterinary Medical Association) regarding
COVID-19 and it's potential impacts on
veterinary medicine:

"At this time, the U.S. Centers for Disease
Control and Prevention (CDC) and the World
Health Organization (WHO) say there is no
evidence that companion animals, including
pets, can spread COVID-19. However, as
with any disease, it's always a good idea to
wash your hands after being around animals.

According to the CDC, people who are sick
with COVID-19 should restrict contact with
pets and other animals, just like you would
restrict your contact with other people. When
possible, a member of the household other
than the individual who is ill should care for
any animals in the household. Those infected
with COVID-19 should avoid contact with
animals, including petting, snuggling, being
kissed or licked, and sharing food. Those
who must care for a pet, or who will be
around animals while sick, should wear an
appropriate face mask and wash hands
thoroughly before and after interacting with
those animals."
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