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Cold Laser for Regenerative Medicine has arrived!
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MLS Laser Therapy for your pet. Reduces pain, inflammation and restores mobility.
We care for your pets as if they were our own.
Cold Laser Therapy
for Pain Relief
2142 Austell Road, SW
Marietta, GA 30008
  • First Treatment with Physical Exam - $80 dollars. (Physical Exam is
    $40 and first laser treatment is $40).
  • Package of FOUR Cold Laser Treatments with Rechecks -$80 dollars.
  • Recheck/Laser Treatments - $25 dollars.
Note, these images are three weeks apart after doing multiple laser
treatments, coupled with intensive veterinary nursing care.
Laser Therapy Regenerative Medicine could be the answer!

MLS Laser Therapy reduces pain, inflammation and restores
mobility. We have seen great success using the laser for control of
pain and inflammation due to arthritis. We have also seen amazing
results when using the laser to increase healing time after surgery or
in wound healing. We have seen real success using the laser to
decrease pain associated with ligamental tears of all sorts (including
cruciate), sprains and IV disc disease. In short, it helps with all types
of inflammation (the source of many types of pain). It can also be
used for oral infection, which is especially useful in pets too elderly to
undergo general anesthesia for dental cleanings. MLS Laser
Therapy can be used for a wide variety of conditions - because,
most lesions involve a degree of inflammation.

Pet Parents are invited to stay with patients while they have their
laser treatment. Everyone gets to be involved in the experience!