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Sam grooms on Monday's, Wednesday's, Friday's and Saturday's. Pricing
is determined by dog size, hair condition, specific breed and quantity of
mats present.

For additional $7 we offer medicated shampoo for those dogs with
sensitive skin. This product is left to soak into the skin for 10 minutes.

*Actual grooming prices are not listed but start at $45. Grooming prices
are subject to change. Pricing varies not only due to size of pet, but also
what type of coat the pet has, the condition of the coat and how much
undercoat the dog has. Our groomer cannot give an accurate estimate
unless she sees the pet in person. Please call for more information.
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We care for your pets as if they were our own.
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Full Grooming Includes
Mini Grooming Includes
Bathing Includes

  • Bath
  • Anal Gland Expression
  • Nail Clip & Grind
  • Ear-hair Removal & Cleaning
  • Trim up on face, feet, sanitary
    areas and tail.

  • Bath
  • Nail Clip & Grind
  • Anal Gland Expression
  • Ear Cleaning
  • Brush out
Pampered Pooch of the Week
Every week, one of Sam's grooming pets from the previous week will be randomly
selected as the "Pampered Pooch of the Week" and their before and after pictures
will be featured on our facebook. Pet Parents that follow and like our facebook page
will be able to share the post and tag themselves, so they can show off their
Pampered Pooch to all of their friends!